Boots Mother & Teenage Daughter Christmas Advert Song

Boots Christmas Advert Girl

Boots encourages you to celebrate your loved ones not just for what they do but who they really are and get them something that says you get them in its Christmas ad.

The spot features a grumpy teenage girl who is frustrated with her mother in different situations – when the latter doesn’t manage to put her hair up in a fancy updo for a night out and when she asks her to remove her make-up before going out. The daughter is also seen acting embarrassed when she sees her mother crying at a film on TV. However, her perspective changes completely on Christmas Eve, when she sees her mom wearing bright lipstick and singing confidently as part of a community choir in the town square. The next morning, she gives her mum, as a Christmas gift, a lipstick No7 with a note telling her to “keep singing”.

The song playing throughout the advert is a version of Robbie Williams’ “She’s The One” but with original lyrics, that tackle the frustrations of teenage life living with your mother and that replaced “She’s The One” with “She’s me Mum”.

The spot, carrying the tagline “get them something that says you get them,” is set to make its TV debut on November 10 on ITV, during the X Factor live final.

Last year, the pharmacy chain released its Christmas ad with a similar tagline, “Show them you know them”. Set to the rhythms of “Only You” by Yazoo, the film focused on the bond between two grown-up sisters who recall old memories and encouraged people to find the perfect gift to really show their dear ones they know them.

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