Greyhound Bus Lines Commercial Song: You Don’t Have to Go Far to Go Far

Greyhound Bus Lines Commercial

Greyhound encourages people to hop on a Greyhound and go on an adventure, highlighting that “You don’t have to go far to go far”.

The 30-second spot released by the bus service opens with a Greyhound bus driver at the wheel and features people who travel places and enjoy their trip by doing things they love, such as swimming, rollerskating, fishing, diving into a lake, in the middle of nature, zip-lining high up in the trees, skiing, enjoying local cuisine, and attending festivals.

“With so much good so close to home, you don’t have to go far to go far,” the voiceover says at the of the commercial, which is soundtracked by the 1950 song “Hey! La Bas Boogie” by American pianist and singer-songwriter Fats Domino, appearing on his 1957 album “This Is Fats” and on the 1993 compilation album “Out of New Orleans”.

Greyhound informs that almost all its buses are now brand new or refurbished head to toe and full of handy features on board, including comfortable reclining leather seats (no middle seats) with footrest and overhead storage, individual power outlets, extra legroom, free Wi-Fi, and on-board restroom. Moreover, every Greyhound bus is fully equipped with the latest technology to burn fuel cleanly, reducing the impact on the environment, according to the company.

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