Wells Fargo Commercial 2016 – Commute

Wells Fargo Commercial

Wells Fargo Commercial

Title – Commute

Msg: Wells Fargo. Together we’ll go far.

HP: “We’re always watching out for you so you can be on the right path. Security. Convenience. Together”.


WF Banker (on phone): Ms. Rodriguez, we noticed some usual account activity. Did you make a $810 purchase at Urban Cycling?
Carmen: Yep, that was me. Thanks for checking.
Leo: Hey, sweet, a bike! Are you thinking of training?
Carmen: Nah, I’m thinking of riding to work. You know, a little alone time.
Leo: We’re not breaking up the carpool, right?
Carmen: I’m just messing with you guys!
26/7 fraud monitoring. Security. Convenience. Together.
Leo: Seriously, what’s the bike for?
Wells Fargo. Together we’ll go far.

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