Rakuten Opera Singer Commercial – Cha-ching While You Sing

Rakuten Opera Singer Commercial

“The Rakuten app gets you Cash Back anytime, anywhere at over 3500 stores. Now that’s something to sing about,” this is the idea behind one of the latest Rakuten ads.

The commercial, titled Cha-ching While You Sing, features an opera singer saying she shops with the Rakuten app to get cashback anytime, anywhere. “I even get cha-ching when I sing,” she says starting singing. She then lists home decor, clothes, electronics, and mirrors, when a mirror breaks at the sound of her voice. The musician also adds that she can shop at over 3,500 stores, including travel sites, and concludes the ad with the “Cha-ching” jingle.

An onscreen line urges viewers to download the app today.

The cashback portal has been promoting its website and mobile app in several ads over the years. Consumers can sign up for free at rakuten.com and start shopping to get Cash Back at hundreds of major online retailers, including Walgreens, Office Depot, Intermix and Forever 21.

The cashback will be deposited in the Rakuten account consumers create. They will subsequently receive a check or a PayPal payment with their cash back, every quarter. If you install Rakuten’s browser plugin when you are on a partner retailer’s site where you can earn cashback the plugin will light up. You just have to click the plugin to activate the offer, and – after your purchase – the cashback will automatically be deposited into your Rakuten account. You can also visit Rakuten’s website or download the app to check out the deals.

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