SkinnyPop Whole Bag Kinda Night Commercial Song

SkinnyPop Whole Bag Kinda Night Commercial

Healthy snack brand SkinnyPop has released a 60-second music video titled “Whole Bag Kinda Night” to encourage consumers to indulge in its popcorn while they are staying home.

Influenced by today’s K-pop sound, the 60-second video features characters in living rooms and bathtubs and lots of SkinnyPop bags and is set to an original track from music house Heavy Duty, with the following lyrics:

“Eight o’ clock
Roommates are gone
Common space is mine
’til the break of dawn

Eat on all the furniture
you name it, I’m in it
Kim’s fancy chair?
Nothing’s off limits

Toss the purse
Lose the ring
Cancel my plans
I’m doing my thing

It’s a night of popcorn
There’s no going back
Ripping off my lashes
It’s just me and this snack

It’s a whole bag kinda night
It’s a whole bag kinda night

Fancy glass
LED tea lights

Essential oils
Exquisite taste
It’s going down tonight

I’m a circle back queen
I share my screen
in every meeting
But tonight I shut it down
For a snack that needs eating
Maybe tomorrow
get back on the grind
But for right now,
this bag is all mine

It’s a whole bag kinda night
It’s a whole bag kinda night.”

“We’re evolving the positioning from a boring, low-calorie popcorn to a snack you absolutely love eating. We know people love downing large quantities of SkinnyPop and now we’re officially giving it a tagline,” SkinnyPop marketing director Mark Chu said in a statement.

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