McDonald’s UK Breakfast Until 11AM Advert Song

McDonald's UK Breakfast Advert Girl

McDonald’s UK informs, in its latest advert, that now breakfast is now served until 11AM so there’s no rush, no drama.

The 30-second spot, titled “Near Misses,” depicts a variety of scenarios that we all know – missing the bus or the train, arriving at the postal office right the moment it closes, arriving at the stadium right after a goal is scored, and arriving at the fast shoe repairs after it’s closed.

The ad also features a man who arrives at a McDonald’s restaurant at 10.32 in the morning and is disappointed because he didn’t make it in time. However, his face lightens up when he sees that breakfast is served until 11AM.
“Breakfast. Now served until 11AM. No rush, no drama,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which is set to the tune of the 1961 single “Give Me Just a Little More Time,” which was the debut single of Michigan-based soul music group Chairmen of the Board, from their self-titled album.

The fast-food chain, which served breakfast until 10:30AM, first announced that it would extend its breakfast hours until 11AM last month. Since November 20, breakfast is served for other 30 minutes after the initial hour, at all locations across the UK and Ireland. The decision came after a long trial period across 122 restaurants in the south of England.

McDonald’s breakfast menu includes a variety of items, from toasted bagels to breakfast wrap, to sausage egg and cheese bagel, to porridge and pancakes and syrup.

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