Domino’s Pizza Advert Song: The Official Food of Squads

Domino's Pizza TV Advert

Domino’s Pizza UK has launched a new advert to highlight that Domino’s is “the official food of squads”.

The 30-second spot, filmed outside Deptford Green School, a coeducational comprehensive secondary school in Deptford, Lewisham, England, features a group of four teenage boys strutting in an alley, trying to impress girls. While one of the guys is holding two pizza boxes, another one is using two fidget spinners, another one is sporting a pair of sunglasses, and the fourth one, who’s wearing a striped long-sleeved T-shirt, is making a gun gesture with his hand aiming his finger at the girls. Not long after doing that, he gets hit in the head by a football ball.

The advert, soundtracked by P Diddy’s 2001 single “Bad Boy For Life” (feat. The Bad Boy Family) from his third album, “The Saga Continues….”, ends with Domino’s tagline, “The official food of everything”.

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