TUI John Barrowman Advert – The Holiday Feeling

TUI John Barrowman Advert

TUI UK has teamed up with John Barrowman to define the holiday feeling. The Scottish-American actor/singer stars in a new advert for the UK-based travel operator.

“Science can’t define the holiday feeling. So TUI found someone who can…” onscreen lines read at the beginning of the 2-minute spot, which features Barrowman enjoying a holiday in a resort in the Dominican Republic. He illustrates the joy you experience when you take that first sip of a frozen cocktail, the wave of relaxation when you see your hotel room and you get a massage at the spa, the excitement of diving in the pool, the feeling you have when you taste amazing food, new or something different, as well as what he calls “the flop,” meaning the moment you get back to your room and throw yourself on the bed.

“Holidays are fabulous as you can see. I’m the #holidayfeeling, that’s where I’ll beeeee!,” Barrowman shouts from the top of his lungs while standing on a stunning beach.

At the end of the advert, viewers are encouraged to find out how to maximise their holiday feeling at TUI UK’s website.

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