TalkTalk TV Advert Song

TalkTalk TV Advert

The UK-based consumer television and video on demand service TalkTalk TV has launched a new advert,
highlighting that, with them, you can have “TV the way you want it”.

The -second spot highlights that you can have all the TV you want in one place, including over 70 free to air
channels, plus the possibility for you to add more channels whenever you want. You have the latest movies to rent
and own, such as Rigue One: A Star Wars Story, Sully, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Passengers and Moana, on-demand TV from the best Players & Apps, including Netflix.

TalkTalk TV urges you to “take full control of your TV” by pausing and rewinding the action whenever you want,
and also highlights that you can record at home or on the go.

The spot, featuring the song “Right For You” by Klas Whal & Louise Dowd, ends with the onscreen line “Now everything is simpler and faster”, and with the service’s logo.

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