Marathon Couple on Road Trip Commercial Song


Marathon Commercial - Couple on Road Trip

Marathon says “The Miles Have Meaning” in one if its latest ads, which features a young couple on the road.

The spot, created by agency Wyse, opens with the two lovers (played by Cashmere Bonton and Anthony Haywood) at a Marathon Petroleum station, filling up their gas tank and then going different places and enjoying some of life’s meaningful moments, while in the background a country song created specifically for this ad is playing.

The couple go hiking, paddleboarding on a lake and get a pizza without losing their joy and smiles at all.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Fueling The American Spirit” flashing across the screen.

The same song, which has gained a lot of attention, was used by Marathon in another commercial, that featured a family at the zoo, coming face to face with several animals, including a giraffe, a bear and some chimps.

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