Lavazza Commercial Song – Ode to Coffee

Girl in Lavazza Commercial

Lavazza has released the USA version of its “Ode to Coffee”, launched as a 80-second commercial earlied this year, in February.

The spot, by creative agency Young & Rubicam and directed by Augusto Giménez Zapiola & Martìn Romanella, features several scenarios where people go through their daily routine and/or issues with a cup of Lavazza, while in the background a reworded cover of the 1965 number one hit “My Girl” by American vocal group The Temptations, performed by Will Miles, can be heard, with the following lyrics: “Italian Coffee, to uplift your day./ When you want advice, or to convince these men.” (referring to police officers, who hold a cup of Lavazza in their hands while listening to a man’s statement) “To forgive, or to confess./ That your doctor is more than a friend./ Coffee, coffee, coffee./ Talk around a great coffee./ If you have a new colleague, that you want to impress./ (a young man is shown impressing his new co-worker with two cups of Lavazza with their faces drawn in foam). “If you need some support, before texting your ex./ From Turin, to L.A./ Gossip, business, “more than friends”./ Coffee, coffee, coffee./ Talk around a great coffee”.

The spot ends with the Italian coffee brand’s tagline, “Born social in 1895”.

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