Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Commercial Song: Kids Singing

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Commercial

A choir of singing hydrogen molecules bring a rock and roll classic to life in a new Honda commercial for the brand’s hydrogen-powered, zero emission Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle.

The 60-second spot features the heads of several kids who sing the 1977 song “Don’t Stop” by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, from their hit album “Rumours”, which encourages people to not stop thinking about tomorrow, and ends with the voiceover highlighting that the new 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell has power by hydrogen molecules and zero emissions.

Featuring premium materials and room for five, the new Honda Clarity Fuel Cell also boasts an elegant shape, ultra-thin, ultra-bright inline LED headlights, rear taillights outfitted with high-intensity red LED lights. Now, it is available only at select dealers in California.

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