Samsung Galaxy S9 Commercial Song – Moving On


Woman in Samsung Galaxy S9 Commercial

Samsung takes a jab again at Apple in a new commercial showcasing the Galaxy S9. The 60-second spot is actually a comparison between iPhone 6, launched in 2014, and the South Korean tech giant’s latest flagship smartphone.

Nodding at Apple purposely throttling their iPhones performance behind the backs of their loyal customers, the ad follows a young woman on a journey whose smartphone, an iPhone 6, is lagging. She finds herself waiting for it to open apps, stream video and more, while Samsung Galaxy S9 users, who are all around her, have no issues, since their devices perform all those tasks fast. Eventually, the woman decides to upgrade to Galaxy S9. iPhone X notch haircut that mocked iPhone users, more precisely iPhone X buyers, is also included.

This is the second installment in the “Moving On” series, which pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone. Samsung’s decision to include the iPhone 6 in the ad was highly criticized even by the brand;s fans, who stated that it wasn’t a good idea to compare a device that’s four years old with a 2018 flagship smartphone.

Serving as soundtrack is the same song used in the first “Moving On” commercial, namely “I’m Moving On” by New York based vocalist Chyvonne Scott, who was one of the best soul singers to come out of the New York area during the mid-1960’s.

Revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 25 February 2018 and officially launched in markets around the world on March 16, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have prices starting at $719.99 and $839.99 respectively on the brand’s website.

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