IKEA 2019 Catalog Commercial Song – People Singing Me and We

IKEA 2019 Catalog Commercial

IKEA US illustrates, in its commercial introducing the 2019 catalog, people’s struggle of finding time and space for themselves and their dear ones, at the same time.

The spot, based on the outcome of a research from the IKEA Life at Home Report, which shows that, “in homes all around the world, there is an inherent tension between space and relationships,”features several families in their homes as they are trying to have more privacy and enjoy activities by themselves, on one hand, and – on the other hand – as they are trying to make sure that home is also a place that supports their most important relationships with friends and family.

A man trying to relax in an armchair, at the end of the day, with his favorite music playing in the background is interrupted by his wife, who wants to spend some time with him, a family of four watching a movie in their living room, being interrupted by one of the kids, who’s listening to something else through his headphones and draws something on his tablet, a father who’s arranging the table and starts looking for his son through the house, so that they could eat together, a woman sitting on her head in the living room being interrupted by her roommate, who’s bringing tea, a mother opening the door to her teenage daughter’s room and finding out that she actually wants to be alone are some of the situations illustrated in the ad. The protagonists are singing “Me” and “We” to the tune of “La donna รจ mobile,” the Duke of Mantua’s canzone from the beginning of act 3 of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Rigoletto (1851).

According to the Swedish furniture retailer, its 2019 catalog features “products and solutions for situations that reflect the push-and-pull of finding time and space for both ‘me and we'”.

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