Sky Sports Commercial 2016 – David Beckham – Biggest Ever Season

Sky Sports Commercial 2016 - David Bechkam

Sky Sports Commercial 2016 – David Bechkam

Sky Sports has released a new ad, starring David Beckham, to celebrate its biggest season ever, with 126 live Premier League games.

The 60-second spot, titled “Sky Sports’ Biggest Ever Season”, features the former professional footballer going out for his morning run, which soon turns into a real challenge.
When a garbage collector asks him, upon return, how it was (the run), Beckham says “interesting”. What could one say after having gone through so many places from around the world, having met so many different people, having endured changing weather conditions, having dashed in and out of a pub, and having been chased by a dog?
The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Whatever happens this season, don’t miss it. Even more live family games on Sky Sports”.

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