BBC One – Forces of Nature with Brian Cox – Trailer Song

BBC One - Forces of Nature

BBC One – Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox is a new TV show broadcast on BBC One, which brings in front of viewers some of the most amazing sights on Earth.
The British professor travels the world and explains, in four different episodes, what lies behind the planet’s beauty and how the forces of
nature work. In the first episode, titled “The Universe In A Snowflake” and scheduled to air on Monday, 4th of July, from 9pm to 10pm, Brian Cox shows places from Northern Spain, where hundreds of people tried to build the highest human tower, from Nepal, where bees build perfect honeycombs to store their honey, and from the coast of Canada, where massive icebergs surge down from Greenland and into shipping lanes of the Atlantic.
The track used in the trailer released by BBC is “What A Wonderful World” by Joey Ramone.

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