Allbirds Mizzle Collection Puddle Jumper Commercial

Allbirds Mizzle Collection Commercial

Allbirds promotes its Mizzle collection in a new commercial.

The spot follows a young man who’s wearing the Wool Runner-up Mizzles on a rainy day and dances in the puddles without worrying that he’ll have his legs wet.

“Introducing the allbirds new runner-up Mizzle. Go ahead, let it rain,” the voiceover says at the end of the ad.
“Miz·zle /ˈmizəl/ noun: misty drizzle. That’s what the dictionary says. But to us, Mizzle means your feet will stay dry and comfy, no matter what the weather report has in store.” the brand says in the message that accompanies the video.

The men’s Wool Runner-up Mizzles, featuring natural rubber treads and the allbirds’ Puddle Guard – a “souped-up high top made from cozy merino wool,” are available for purchase in Savanna Night and Tuke Jo shades, with Navy sole and Cream sole, respectively, for $135 USD.

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