Toyota R+S Christmas Commercial Song

Toyota R+S Christmas Commercial

Toyota makes people grab their tissues with its latest holiday commercial, telling the story of a family and a special tree.

The ad, created in collaboration with agency Saatchi & Saatchi and titled “R+S”, begins with a married couple in a Toyota talking about a tree that her parents loved and meant a lot to them. As they arrive at the tree, which is fallen to the ground and needs to be cut into pieces, the woman looks at the letters carved into its bark (R+S) and recalls moments of her childhood. As the ad, soundtracked by Novo Amor’s “Carry You”, goes on, people are seen bringing the tree to the family’s home and the woman looking through a family album. A photo of her parents in their youth near the tree brings her back memories of when she and her parents (the ones who carved their initials into the tree bark) went there and took photos. Her flashback is then interrupted by the arrival of her parents.

Entering the room, they have a huge surprise: part of the tree has become a table which also has the letters on it.

The spot, filmed in Northern California in Sonoma County and directed by Lance Acord, premiered on NBC before the fall finale of “This Is Us” series. It will also run in theaters from December 1 to December 28, and on TV in 60′ and 30′ versions from December 10 to December 24.

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