RSPCA Stuffed Puppy Christmas Advert Song

RSPCA Puppy Christmas TV Advert

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has launched its Christmas advert, proving that it can join the likes of Britain’s largest retailers when it comes to delivering a message in a touching way.

The spot tells the story of Woody, a stuffed puppy received by a little boy as a Christmas gift, who seems to be the kid’s best friend until one day, when he ends up abandoned. After a night spent on a garbage bag, Woody is found by a RSPCA inspector who takes him to a RSPCA centre. There, the puppy gets the medical treatment he requires, a bath, love and attention until he finds a home.

Concluding with the tagline “Kidness goes a long way”, the advert aims to highlight the kindness of the staff working at the RSPCA as they all contribute to saving animals lives.

The song playing in the background is a cover of Simply Red’s 1991 hit single “Stars” performed by Lucy Ellie.
Last year, RSPCA’s Christmas advert, featuring the heartwarming story of a rescue dog from Halifax, was also a success, as it was watched nearly 200.000 on social media.

RSCPCA, that cares for a variety of animals, from exotic pets, horses and small animals to dogs, cats, rabbits and everything in between, encourages animal lovers across England and Wales to promote kindess at Christmas by helping them feed one of the rescued animals in the RSCPCA’s care.

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