Aussie Hair Care Commercial – Air Dry Revolution

Aussie Commercial - Air Dry Revolution

Aussie Commercial – Air Dry Revolution

Title: Air Dry Revolution
HP: “Guess who’s back and more dramatic than ever. Watch what happens when hair probs hit the beach. Share if you’ve prob, def said some of these. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there”.
HT: #DitchTheDrama


My hair is so boring
I’m having such a good hair day
Have you seen my bobby pin?
Do you have a hair tie?
Does anybody have a hair tie?
Guys have it so easy
Will you take my picture?
Photo shoot!
Shoot me from above
I hate this beach
I’m so mad at you right now
I hate nature!
Why did you bring me here?
This is literally the worst day of my life!
Good thing I brought all of this
Just give me five minutes
Ugh I’m shedding
I’m just going to shave my head
Should I deep condition?
Ugh this is going to take forever
Oh oh Cold! Cold!
This mekes no sense.
Oh, I need a hair clip
Excuse me
Hey! What’s up?
Deep conditioning. Salt water, am I right?
You should try Aussie 3 Minute Miracle!
You’ll be in and out in no time
In and out in no time
What’s going on here?

Ditch the hair drama
Aussie – Make Aussome easy

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