bathstore TV Advert 2016 – Silent Loo App

bathstore TV Advert - Silent Loo App

bathstore TV Advert – Silent Loo App

Bathstore came up with a funny advert to promote the idea that saving water matters by presenting the “Silent Loo App”.
The 54-second video, published on the 1st of April (most probably an April Fools’ joke), by the UK’s largest bathroom retailer, starts with a young couple sleeping together.
The man wakes up because of the sounds produced by his intestines, so he rushes into the bathroom. Before seating on the toilet, he turns on the tap and the shower. In order to cover the powerful sounds he makes, the young man passes his hand under the gushing water to produce even more noise. Soon though he decides that none of these measures is good enough for his problem, so he launches the Silent Loo App and chooses to “listen” the sound of a tsunami. Thus, he can do his business peacefully.

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