Woodie’s Larry Advert

Woodie's Larry Advert Actors

Woodie’s Ireland celebrates the power of community and benefits of sharing resources in its latest advert.

The spot features a diverse cast of individuals who find themselves in difficult situations and seek out Larry. A boy whose football ended up on a roof tells his friends he’s going to need Larry, a woman holding some bunting that she needs to hang asks for Larry, too, a woman sends someone a text message asking if Larry is around, and a couple apparently goes to his house to seek him. Directed to the garage, the two partners ask of Larry and it soon turns out that Larry is a very well used set of ladder steps.

At the end of the spot, the tagline “We’re all Homemakers” appears on the screen.

Created by Irish agency Droga5 Dublin in partnership with Irish production house Butter, the advert has been filmed in Dublin’s Marino and directed by internationally renowned director Zac Emerson. Emmy nominated David Schweitzer composed the soundtrack music.

“Customers are always at the centre of our creative planning process so when we learned that people in communities all over Ireland share large or expensive products that they buy from us, we wanted to celebrate this wonderful demonstration of community spirt,” Hilda Lyon, Woodie’s Head of Marketing said in a press release.

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