Dollar Shave Club Commercial Song – However You Get Ready, Welcome to the Club

Dollar Shave Club Commercial Guy

Dollar Shave Club welcomes everyone to the Club, regardless of the way they’re getting ready.

“Whoever you are, however you Get Ready… Welcome to the Club,” this is the message conveyed by the brand in its latest commercial, which features several men as they get ready for the day. One of them is seen shaving his face, another one brushing his teeth, another one spraying his perfume into the air and then “running” into it, another one trimming his eyebrows with scissors, another applying powder between his legs, another one waxing his nipples area in the bathroom, and another man enjoying a beer in the bathtub full of foam. A young woman using a razor to shave her head is also featured.

The spot, soundtracked by Steve Lawrence’s “I’ve Gotta Be Me”, ends with the onscreen line “However you get ready, welcome to the Club”.

The brand provides The Daily Essentials Starter Set (consisting of the brand’s best razor handle, 4 razor cartridges, and shave butter, body cleanser and one whipe Charlies in trial-size), now at $5 instead of $14, with shipping included. The restock box arrives a month later with the full-size versions of the products that were in the first box, plus replacement cartridges. Future boxes are up to members. Anytime they want, they can add and remove products and adjust how often they get shipments.

Dollar Shave Club’s range also includes, besides blades, shave and trial kits, butt wipes, traveler, hair style, shower, skin care and oral care products. The latter, which are new to the brand’s portfolio and are called “Superba!”, consist in a peppermint-flavored toothpaste and an angled brush that helps you hit the right spots.

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