Raffaello TV Spot (Lied Aus Der Werbung)

Raffaello TV Spot / Werbung

Raffaello has launched a new TV spot titled “And summer is coming”.

“Experience the incomparable taste of almond cream and coconut” teh voiceover says in the ad, that shows four friends swimming towards a overwater bungalow, and then enjoying Raffaello candies.

The song playing in the background is Tap Tap by Vanilla Hype, released in 2019.

Raffaello candies are a popular line of confections produced by Ferrero, well known for their distinctive combination of almond, coconut, and white milk cream. The classic Raffaello candy is the most well-known product in the range, a round, bite-sized treat featuring: Crispy Wafer Shell, the outer layer is a delicate, crispy wafer that adds a satisfying crunch, Coconut Coating, the wafer is coated in shredded coconut, giving it a sweet and tropical flavor, Creamy Filling, inside the wafer, there’s a smooth and creamy white milk filling, Whole Almond, at the center of the candy is a whole almond, adding a nutty taste and crunchy texture.

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