Zero to Sixty (1978 Movie) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album by John Beal

Zero to Sixty (1978 Movie) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album by John Beal

“Zero to Sixty” is a comedy movie released on June 23, 1978, directed by Don Weis and starring Sylvia Miles, Darren McGavin, Joan Collins, Denise Nickerson, and Dick Martin.

The film follows Michael Nolan, played by Darren McGavin, a middle-aged man who is going through a rough patch in life. Recently divorced and jobless, Michael’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a spunky young woman named Eddie, portrayed by Denise Nickerson.

Eddie introduces Michael to the world of car repossession, and despite his initial reluctance, he becomes her partner in this risky and adventurous business. Together, they navigate a series of humorous and challenging situations as they reclaim cars from reluctant owners.

Throughout their adventures, Michael and Eddie encounter a variety of quirky characters, including a vindictive ex-wife, oddball car owners, and shady business figures. The duo’s escapades lead to a series of comedic mishaps and unexpected bonding moments.

As Michael gets more involved in the car repossession business, he begins to rediscover a sense of purpose and confidence. The partnership with Eddie also helps him to re-evaluate his life and find new direction.

“Zero to Sixty” blends comedy with a light-hearted adventure, making it an entertaining film about second chances and unexpected journeys.

The soundtrack for the 1978 film “Zero to Sixty” was composed by John Beal. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album, scheduled for release June 7, 2024, is available for pre-order on Amazon as MP3 ($11.49) and Audio CD ($17.99).

The full soundtrack is below:

1. First Artists Logo / Love At First Fight
2. Soup’s On
3. Gotta Get Some Loving
4. Gloria’s Escape / Finch On The Fly / Finch’s Follies
5. Just For You / I Wonder / Sunday’s Funday
6. Where The Hell Am I? / Creepers Jeepers
7. Java Jive
8. Can You Rock and Roll?
9. There’s Time For You
10. A Little Disco In The Morning
11. Nooners
12. Caught In The Act
13. The Three of Us
14. By Hook Or By Crook / Mike’s Misery / Wigging Out
15. Bridge / Sal and The Boys / You Love Me, You Love Me
16. Bruisin’ Cruisin’
17. End of Olivia
18. And Now The News (Source Bumpers)

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