Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black (2024 Movie) Trailer Song

Tyler Perry's Divorce in the Black (2024 Movie) Trailer Actress Meagan Good as Ava

“Divorce in the Black” is an upcoming film by Tyler Perry, scheduled to premiere on July 11, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. This drama stars Meagan Good as Ava, a young bank professional whose husband, Dallas, leaves her, devastating her. However, fate reveals Dallas’ dark deeds, which not only ruined their marriage but also sabotaged Ava’s chance at true love.

“I didn’t realize how deep in the red I was. When this divorce is over, I want to be in the black” Ava is heard saying in the trailer.

The film, written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry, also features Cory Hardrict, Joseph Lee Anderson, Taylor Polidore, Shannon Wallace, Richard Lawson, and Debbi Morgan​.

The song playing in the trailer is “Stop The Bleeding” by Baby Rose from the album “Through and Through”.

The song, released in April 2023, deals with themes of pain, healing, and resilience. The lyrics explore the struggle to overcome emotional wounds and the journey towards self-recovery and strength.

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