The Instigators (2024 Movie) Trailer Song

Apple TV has released the trailer for the upcoming action-comedy film “The Instigators”.

Rory (played by Matt Damon) and Cobby (Casey Affleck) are uneasy allies: a desperate father and an ex-con, forced together to steal from a corrupt politician’s stash of illicit money. However, the heist quickly spirals out of control, thrusting them into a storm of chaos as they are hunted by both the police and vengeful crime bosses. Overwhelmed and outmatched, they persuade Rory’s therapist (Hong Chau) to join their frantic escape through the city. The trio must set aside their differences and collaborate to avoid capture or worse.

The song playing in the trailer is “Gimme the Loot” by The Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace), featured on his debut album, Ready to Die, released in 1994.

The song showcases the exploits of a young man involved in various heists and robberies. Biggie adopts two different personas in the track, shifting his vocal pitch to differentiate between the two characters.

Directed by Doug Liman and co-written by Chuck MacLean and Casey Affleck, “The Instigators” features an impressive ensemble cast including Michael Stuhlbarg, Paul Walter Hauser, Ving Rhames, Alfred Molina, Toby Jones, Jack Harlow, and Ron Perlman.

The film, produced by Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck​, is set for release on August 9, 2024.