The Green Glove Gang 2 (Trailer Song)

The Green Glove Gang 2 Trailer Actors

Netflix has launched the official trailer for “The Green Glove Gang 2”, the second season of the Polish crime-comedy series “The Green Glove Gang” (original titled “Gang Zielonej Rękawiczki”). The show follows a group of elderly female thieves who, after a heist goes wrong, hide out in a nursing home. There, they find themselves involved in solving local mysteries and helping residents with their problems, all while trying to avoid detection by the authorities.

After seeking refuge in the Bieszczady Mountains, the Green Glove Gang resolves to retire from their life of crime. However, their plans for a quiet life are disrupted when Zuza’s son encounters serious trouble with a ruthless gangster. Faced with this dire situation, the gang is compelled to come out of hiding and confront this formidable enemy. With the support of their senior friends, the Green Glove Gang reenters the fray, ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Serving as trailer soundtrack is “Next to You” by SATV Music, a song featured in the SATV Music library. SATV Music is known for its extensive catalog of tracks used in various media, including television, films, and advertisements.

The film, Created by Joanna Hartwig-Skalska & Anna Novák-Zemplinska, also features Magdalena Kuta, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz, Andrzej Grabowski, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Zdzislaw Wardejn, Debbie Pollack, Wojciech Zielinski and Ren Hanami.

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