Kopparberg Drink Responsibly This Summer Advert Song

Kopparberg Advert Actors

Swedish brewery and cider company Kopparberg is on a mission to awareness of the dangers of UV rays and educate the nation on sun-safety this summer. The drinks brand has launched a new advertisign campaign in the UK, titled “Drink Responsibly This Summer” and developed in partnership with Melanoma Fund, which aims to encourage people to adopt sun-safe habits and keep their skin safe from harmful UV rays.

The first advert is a 40-second spot directed by BAFTA-winning director Molly Manners, which features a group of friends drinking Kopparberg and taking care of their skin by applying lots of sunscreen, putting on lots of summer hats as well as lots of sunglasses.

The song playing in the advert is the 2022 track “No Stress” by CMD/CTRL.

The multi-million pound campaign, which includes TV, digital, social media, as well as a series of huge billboards across the country, features Melanoma Fund’s logo and will also be brought to life through a series of innovative activations, including the launch of a Kopparberg SPF 50 sunscreen sachet, which will be available at select pubs and bars across the UK this summer.

“By partnering with the Melanoma Fund we’re helping our consumers understand smart sun safety habits so they can confidently revel in the warm weather without compromising their health,” Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg, said in a press release.

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