Zillow Mother & Teenage Daughter Looking for a Home Commercial Song

Zillow Mother & Teenage Daughter Looking for a Home Commercial

Zillow highlights, in its latest commercial, that the journey to getting a home isn’t always easy, but Zillow is there every step of the way.

Titled “The Journey Home”, the 90-second film features a mother and her teenage daughter on a car drive to view houses for sale. They apparently are in search for their dream home, which is like one they previously saw, but couldn’t afford it.

The advertisement also shows that the protagonist used Zillow HomeLoans and started a loan application once she learned she’s had been pre-qualified and that she surprises her daughter with the home they both loved.

Upon entering the beloved house, the daughter’s astonishment prompts a silent but meaningful confirmation from her mother, leading to a heartwarming embrace.

The commercial features the 2015 song “This Feeling” by rock band Alabama Shakes.

Zillow offers various features including 3D home tours, interactive floor plans, Home Loans, and Zillow Closing Services, facilitating digital transactions and providing access to local Zillow Premier Agent experts.

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