Under Paris (Netflix 2024 Movie) Trailer Song

Under Paris (Netflix 2024 Movie) Trailer  Actress Bérénice Bejo

Netflix invites you to delve beneath the enchanting City of Lights with “Under Paris,” an electrifying shark attack thriller helmed by director Xavier Gens and set to premiere on Netflix this summer.

As Paris prepares to host the World Triathlon Championships on the Seine River for the first time in Summer 2024, the brilliant scientist Sophia (portrayed by Bérénice Bejo) makes a chilling discovery of a lethal predator lurking in the depths below. Joined by Mika, a passionate environmental activist, and Adil, the commander of the Seine river police, they must navigate through a treacherous web of fear, suspense, and peril to avert a catastrophe at the heart of Paris.

“It will be carnage.” Sophia is heard saying in the trailer.

Boasting an exceptional ensemble of actors, led by Bérénice Bejo and Nassim Lyes, “Under Paris” promises an audacious cinematic experience that seamlessly blends the thrill of sports with the primal terror of the unknown depths. Prepare yourself for a riveting tale of survival against the captivating backdrop of one of the world’s most iconic cities.

The soundtrack music in the trailer is a beloved traditional French children’s song titled “Les petits poissons dans l’eau”.

Under Paris Movie Poster

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