Norwegian Air Shuttle Dad Buried in the Sand Commercial Song

Norwegian Air Shuttle Dad Buried in the Sand Commercial / TV Spot

Low-cost Norwegian airline Norwegian has released a humorous ad to promote its services and highlight that Norwegian flies you to the beach and sun.

In this 60-second advertisement, a family enjoys a beach vacation, beginning with burying the father in the sand. Amidst their excitement and various activities, they unintentionally leave him behind until the trip’s conclusion, when they recall him aboard the plane. Throughout the ad, scenes of the stranded dad trying to attract attention alternate with his family’s joyful experiences like boat trips, ice cream indulgence, diving, and cultural exploration.

The commercial concludes with the father flying back home via Norwegian Airlines. Accompanying the visuals is a cover version of Cliff Richard’s “Summer Holiday.”

Despite facing challenges during the pandemic, Norwegian Air Shuttle emerged with a revamped strategy after undergoing insolvency. This included establishing two new operating subsidiaries, Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC AS and Norwegian Air Sweden AOC AB, solidifying its position as Europe’s largest airline.

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