Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Michael B. Jordan Jollof Rice Commercial

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Michael B. Jordan Jollof Rice Commercial

Chase has released a new commercial for its Sapphire Reserve card.

Titled “A Taste of West Africa with Michael B. Jordan”, the 60-second spot features Michael B. Jordan as he and an eclectic table of guests dive into the history, connections, and flavors of Jollof Rice at a Sapphire Reserve Private Dining Event curated by Chef Tolu Eros.

The ad opens with the famous African chef informing guests about the menu and listing a Cassava salad, berbere pawns, Suya grilled lamb, and Jollof rice, which he introduces as “the pride of West Africa”.

Michael B. Jordan asks what Jollof Rice is the best, prompting the other attendants to express their opinions.

When one of them states that “Nigerian Jollof is the way to go,” another person answers that “Ghana Jollof is the best” and shares a story about how he would smell, on the way back home from school, the Jollof his mom was making at home. A lady from Senegal takes her turn to speak and affirms that the original Jollof comes from Senegal and the others fight for the second place.

Chef Tolu Eros concludes that they’re never solve this Jollof fight so they bring the three of them together in a variety called “Unity Jollof Rice”. “One people, one Jollof,” he says, impressing the award-winning actor, who replies “Wow! Smooth, very smooth!”

Chase teamed up with Michael B. Jordan back in 2022 to star in its new luxury brand campaign for Chase Sapphire Reserve. In a commercial released in 2022 and titled “Experience More of Your World with Chase Sapphire Reserve”, in which he also serves as a co-storyteller, he shares the ways Sapphire Reserve helps with traveling the world, trying first-class dining, and experiencing unique adventures.

The campaign also features Anderson .Paak, famed chefs Sophia Roe and Melissa King, and master wellness & self-care educator Devi Brown, integrated into the Chase Sapphire Reserve world, punctuating Michael’s journey through unique access and experiences.

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