Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gaming Performance Commercial Song

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Gaming Performance Commercial / Werbung

Samsung’s latest commercial highlights the unparalleled gaming performance of its Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, showcasing its cutting-edge camera, exceptional performance, and revolutionary Galaxy AI technology.

In this ad, set in a diner, a teenage boy is deeply engrossed in gaming on his Galaxy S24 Ultra. As he plays, the immersive experience transports him into the game itself, where he battles against formidable foes. Meanwhile, amidst the intense gaming action, other patrons and staff calmly go about their business, undisturbed by the virtual chaos unfolding nearby.

Accompanying the striking visuals is the operatic masterpiece “Tosca: Vissi d’arte” by Maria Callas, Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala di Milano & Victor de Sabata, a recurring motif in Samsung’s advertising campaigns for its flagship smartphones.

Previous ads have highlighted features such as Transcript Assist, empowering users to effortlessly record and transcribe speech, as well as the innovative Instant Slow-Mo feature.

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