Rakuten Ladies Room Kate Hudson Commercial

Rakuten Ladies Room Kate Hudson Commercial

Rakuten has teamed up with actress Kate Hudson and fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi of PatBO for the launch of its new advertising campaign “Shoppers Get It”, which celebrates the thrill of discovering new shopping secrets and Rakuten’s rise as the savvy shopper’s most rewarding way to shop and save.

One of the spots, directed by Nora Kirkpatrick, features two women in the ladies’ room of a bar engaging in a conversation after realizing they are wearing the same PatBO dress. The moment one of them realizes she missed the chance of earning cash back from Rakuten, Kate Hudson enters the scene, clad in the same dress, and reveals she also used Rakuten to get Cash Back on her entire outfit.

The velvet mini dress with rhinestone detailing the three ladies wear is a custom PatBO piece designed by runaway designer Patricia Bonaldi and it’s available exclusively on the shopping platform to Rakuten members, with 10% Cash Back, for a limited time starting February 26.

The spot follows on the heels of Rakuten’s 2023 Super Bowl campaign with Alicia Silverstone reprising her role in the comedy classic Clueless, as well as Rakuten’s ongoing partnership with New York Fashion Week, where it recently partnered with PatBO to offer fashion-loving members exclusive access to another item from her Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

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