Lovely Day for a Guinness Jason Momoa Commercial

Guinness Beer Jason Momoa Commercial

Guinness, the beer brand owned by Diageo, has joined forces with actor Jason Momoa for a new television advertisement titled “Lovely Day for a Guinness.”

Developed by On the Roam, a production company co-founded by Momoa and Brian Mendoza, and co-directed by Momoa himself, the commercial opens with the Aquaman star in a sushi restaurant, where he receives a mysterious piece of paper. Reacting with a shout upon reading it, Momoa embarks on a spirited race to a nearby pub, where he reveals the surprising revelation from the paper: he is Irish. Although the pub owner playfully notes that he’s only 2% Irish, a woman in the establishment emphasizes that it’s the spirit that counts, and that’s all one needs.

Jubilantly exclaiming “I knew it!” after toasting with friends over a pint of Guinness, Momoa revels in the moment.

The commercial concludes with the tagline “Lovely Day for a Guinness” appearing on the screen. Guinness brand director Joyce He expressed excitement about the partnership with Momoa, stating, “This is more than just another partnership: together with Jason, we are starting a new chapter in our iconic story that will bring Guinness to more people, places, and celebrations. I can’t wait to keep sharing with the world what we already know: any day is a lovely day for a Guinness.”

Momoa disclosed his long-standing desire to direct for Guinness, noting the enjoyable experience of pitching the idea to them. Shot in New Zealand, the same location as Momoa’s recent film project, the commercial made its television debut on March 11 and is scheduled to appear across digital and social media platforms throughout the year in updated versions.

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