IKEA UK Rebel in the Comfort of Home Advert Song

IKEA UK Rebel in the Comfort of Home Advert - TIGERFINK Toy Storage

IKEA UK encourages people to “Rebel in the Comfort of Home” in its latest advertisement, which builds up on the “Wonderful Everyday” campaign.

The 30-second spot begins with a warning we all know – “Do not try this at home” – turned into the opposite “Do try this at home” and continues by depicting various scenarios in which the members of a family enjoy their time spent at home and create great memories by playing with their toys, having fun with their friends, practising sports together in the living room, and cooking together.

Throughout the video several IKEA products are showcased, such as the FLISAT toy storage (£35), the MALM bed frame, now at a lower price (£179), the TILLREDA portable induction hob (£45), and the TIGERFINK toy storage (£15).

“Rebel in the comfort of home,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which features the song “Come On!” by The Hives.

In previous campaigns, IKEA has encouraged individuals to showcase their ingenuity rather than focusing solely on extravagant possessions. The emphasis shifts towards creating a personalized space that reflects individual tastes and interests. Whether it’s adorning walls with personal passions, infusing hallways with unique flair, or revitalizing kitchens with soulful touches, IKEA’s messaging resonates with the idea of making a house truly feel like a home.

On the retailer’s website, visitors can explore a wealth of tips and insights on personalizing their living spaces. From crafting hobby hubs for the family to concealing a gaming station within the decor, from designing dynamic DIY storage walls to expressing individuality through decor, IKEA provides resources to help individuals transform their homes into personalized sanctuaries.

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