Chewy Dog’s Stuffed Monkey Toy Commercial

Chewy Dog's Stuffed Monkey Toy Commercial

Chewy has unveiled a new advertising campaign aimed at reminding pet owners that Chewy is their go-to source for all their pet care needs, no matter the ups and downs of pet parenting.

In one of the commercials, a pair of pet owners find themselves repeatedly replacing their dog’s beloved stuffed monkey toy. Despite the toy being consistently destroyed – worn out, soiled, and torn beyond repair – the two loyal Chewy customers rely on Autoship to ensure a steady supply of plush monkeys. “With Chewy, it’s never been easier to order their favorite toy delivered again and again,” the voiceover declares in the 30-second advertisement, urging pet parents to “get whatever they love delivered right on time and save 35% on their first Autoship order.”

Through Autoship, customers have the convenience of browsing and selecting their preferred products, ranging from food to pharmaceuticals, initiating a new Autoship, and customizing their delivery schedule during checkout. They retain the flexibility to modify, skip, or cancel at any time and enjoy a 5% discount on future deliveries.

Presently, the retailer is offering a 50% discount on the first Autoship order for select seasonal allergy products.

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