Barnardo’s Girl in a Shell Advert Song

Barnardo's Girl in a Shell TV Advert

Barnardo’s, a venerable charity with a 150-year history, has launched a £240,000 rebranding initiative that encompasses a fresh logo co-created by children and a touching advertisement.

Entitled “Feel like you belong,” the ad chronicles the journey of a schoolgirl who is literally in a shell everywhere she goes, especially in the school environment. The financial issues she knows her mother deals with have an impact on her, determining her to remain withdrawn in her shell. Some people try to make her show her face, including a librarian, who asks if someone’s in there, but she keeps hiding herself until one day, when – helped by a Barnardo’s support worker – she finds the courage to emerge from her shell, just like many other of her peers already did it.

The conclusion of the advert depicts the protagonist, a blonde girl, stepping out of the support worker’s office, greeted by her mother and other children her age, wearing a smile of newfound confidence. Onscreen text reads, “Life can make you feel like you don’t belong. We know you do.”

The poignant soundtrack is provided by Bill Ryder-Jones’ 2018 song “Don’t Be Scared, I Love You.”

Barnardo’s core mission is to positively impact the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children, ensuring they feel secure, content, healthy, and optimistic. They achieve this by providing direct support to children and families through specialized services across the UK, while also advocating for systemic change through awareness-raising campaigns.

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