Apple iPhone 15 Don’t Let Me Go Commercial Song

Apple iPhone 15 Don't Let Me Go Commercial / Advert Actor

Apple touts the storage capabilities of its iPhone 15 in a new commercial.

Titled “Don’t Let Me Go”, the 30-second advertisement features a person at home deleting photos from his iPhone. A photo of a worker says “Don’t Let Me Go”. The iPhone owner frowns and views more photos of people with only their mouth moving. Among them are a grandma with a cake, a child, a group of friends, a napping man, and a grit of selfies at Sunset. The user moves his thumbs away from the Trash button and snaps photos of a Doc Send on a sofa.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Lots of storage for lots of photos”.

Serving as soundtrack is “Don’t Let Go” by Terrace Martin, Mr. Talkbox, PJ Morton.

In another lighthearted advertisement, Apple emphasizes the impressive battery longevity of its iPhone 15 by showing a father who captures his son’s attempts to break pieces of wood with his hands on video from noon until late in the vening. Another spot, which focuses on the innovative Check In feature of the Messages app in iOS 17, allowing users to automatically inform friends or family when they reach their destination, depicts a worried father observing his teenage daughter navigate the family car out of the driveway.

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