The Children’s Train (Il Treno Dei Bambini) Netflix Movie Trailer

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming italian movie “The children’s train”, based on the bestselling novel by Viola Ardone “Il treno dei bambini”.

Based on true events, the film follows Amerigo Speranza, a seven-year-old boy who in 1946 is forced lo live Neaples, by the Communist Party initiative to rescue children from poverty after the World War II. Together with thousands of other southern children, he will cross the entire peninsula and spend a few months in a northern family.

Amerigo shows us an Italy that is rising from the war, seen with amazement through the innocent eyes of a child. “The children’s train” is a touching story about separation, in a devastated Italy.

“Sometimes those who let you go love you more than those who hold you back,” a woman is heard saying in the trailer, in Neapolitan dialect: “Perché
certe volte ti vuole più bene chi ti lascia andare, di chi ti trattiene”.

On the train full of children that leaves the city of Naples is a placard that reads “Arrivederci mamme, torneremo forti e felici – Goodbye mothers, we will come back strong and happy.”

Serena Rossi, Barbara Ronchi, Stefano Accorsi and Christian Cervone star in the movee directed by Cristina Comencini.