Shirley (2024 Netflix Movie) Trailer Song & Release Date

Shirley (2024 Netflix Movie) Trailer Actress Regina King

Netflix has launched the official trailer for the upcoming drama film “Shirley”, directed by John Ridley.

The movie is based on the iconic true story of Shirley Chisholm (played by Regina King), the first Black congresswoman and her 1972 campaign for president of the United States. She was a strong supporter of black civil rights and women’s rights and was known for taking “a resolute stand against economic, social, and political injustices.”

The trailer opens with Shirley saying “I have something I want to tell you. I am running for President”.

“I’m paving the road for people looking like me to get elected.” the Brooklyn’s first Black representative continues.

“Do I look like every other politician?” she reacts to a comment from the audience: “You sound just like every other politician.”

The trailer concludes with Shirley Chisholm saying “The people of America are watching us.”

Lance Reddick, Terrence Howard, Lucas Hedges, Brian Stokes Mitchell, André Holland, Michael Cherrie, Dorian Missick and Amirah Vann also star in the movie.

Shirley is scheduled for release on March 22, 2024.

The song playing in the 2024 “Shirley” trailer was written and recorded by Vonzell Solomon (singer, songwriter, producer, 2nd Runner up American Idol Season 4).

“Omg! Can’t believe this song I wrote, and recorded is being used in the trailer for “Shirley”!” Vonzell Solomon posted on X.

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