Love Mondays Advert Song – Feat. Builders Dancing on Site Love Mondays TV Advert - Feat. Builders Dancing on Site

UK’s best-known recruitment brand,, has launched a series of new ads to aimed at reaching a wide variety of people from different types of backgrounds and demographics, and reminding them what it means to love their job.

One of the spots features a pair of builders dancing among other coworkers to the tune of Reed’s anthem song, “Love Mondays”. As they keep showing off their dance moves, in a synched choreography, the voiceover urges viewers to find a career they’ll love at

A second advertisement features a fashion designer who also dances, happy that a new Monday has come.

The song playing in the background is an original track composed specifically for the 2023 main “Love Mondays” advert, whose lyrics are the following:

“Catch me smiling when you look my way,
I’m back on course now,
It’s a whole new day.
Now, I love Mondays,
Mondays are working for me,
I can be the person that I wanna be,
now that I’m certain
My Mondays are working for me.”

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