A Cat’s Life – Trailer Song & Release Date

A Cat's Life - 2024 Movie Trailer

Blue Fox Entertainment has launched the trailer for the upcoming adventure movie “A Cat’s Life”.

The story follows Lou, a Parisian kitten rescued by a little girl, named Clémence. “You’re like a purring bowl of fur,” says the girl when she discovers the cat in the attic.

Together, they will have unforgettable adventures on the family farm, and curiosity will make Lou get lost in the forest, where he will learn the lesson of survival.

“Lou it’s not the same cat anymore”, Clémence’s neighbor says.

Directed by Guillaume Maïdatchevsky and produced by Jean-Pierre Bailly, Stéphane Millière, the film star Capucine Sainson-Fabresse, Corinne Masiero and Lucie Laurent.

The song playing in the trailer is “Watch It Fade Away” by Devin Hoffman, Irving Contour & Figero Scripp, from the album Epic Folk 2.

“A Cat’s Life” will be released in the U.S. theaters March 29th!

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