Samsung Health Galaxy Watch 6 Family Challenge Commercial


Samsung Health Galaxy Watch 6 Family Challenge Commercial

Samsung urges people to join the Samsung Family Health Challenge and build healthy habits together in one of its latest ads for Samsung Health.

The spot features a family who embarks on this health challenge and tracks their steps throughout the day to see which one of them comes out on top. In the opening of the video, the father and the two children, who are youngsters, excitedly open some gift boxes that hold the Galaxy Watch 6. As they put the watch on, their mother creates a challenge in Samsung Health, which she calls Family Competition, and gives the start. The boy takes the dog for a long walk, his sister goes to the mall with her friends and uses every single opportunity to make more steps, which means she doesn’t use the escalators, the mother walks on the treadmill while having video calls at work, and the father, motivated when he sees his wife, starts dancing while preparing dinner.

Around the table, at dinner, they check to see who won, and the son is proud to discover that he is in the first place.

At the end of the commercial, an onscreen line urges viewers to motivate their family with Samsung Health.

Samsung Health provides daily goals and coaching programs to help you achieve healthy sleeping habits, it gives a Sleep score, monitors your blood oxygen levels while you sleep, features Snore Detection and Sleep Coaching, it helps you achieve your fitness goal effectively with Body Composition, has videos of expert coaches who will teach you new fitness programs including stretching, weight loss, endurance training and more, lets you track your heart rate and calories on the screen, lets you choose the workout type, and also includes powerful meditation tools that will help you relieve stress throughout your day.

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