Progressive Jamie as Getaway Driver Commercial

Progressive Jamie as Getaway Driver Commercial - Firstwell Savings & Trust Bank

In one of Progressive’s recent commercials, Jamie takes on the role of a getaway driver for a group of cat burglars.

The scene unfolds as the burglars hurriedly exit a Firstwell Savings & Trust branch, alarms blaring in the background. Flo’s colleague is at the wheel, seemingly unperturbed, and inquires about the success of their banking endeavour. The masked criminals, however, are focused on urging him to drive. Observing their urgency, Jamie remarks, “Someone’s in a hurry!” as he accelerates onto the road but promptly halts at a “Stop” sign. Jamie explains that his safe driving habits, tracked through Snapshot from Progressive, earn him discounts, leading to significant savings.
When one of the burglars questions another about the “skilled wheelman,” Jamie clarifies that he’s a Wheelman, with an Irish family name from his mother’s side.

The Snapshot app, available to Progressive customers in select states, allows users to collect driving-related data using their smartphones, including speed, braking intensity, and mileage. It provides personalized tips for improvement, and Progressive calculates a driver score, offering potential savings based on driving habits.

For new Progressive customers in Snapshot mobile-enabled states, there’s an initial participation discount, followed by a personalized rate adjustment – either a discount or surcharge – during policy renewal based on driving behavior. Progressive emphasizes that most eligible customers who enroll will save money at renewal due to their good driving, though aggressive driving may result in a surcharge in certain states.

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