Popular Theory (2024 Movie) Trailer Song


Popular Theory (2024 Movie) Trailer Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert (Erwin)

Blue Fox Entertainment has launched the trailer for the upcoming movie Popular Theory, “a coming-of-age comedy that plumbs the complexities of companionship and ambition”.

Erwin, a girl genius struggling with social isolation, teams up with Winston, a science guru, to invent a popularity chemical that changes the high school hierarchy forever.

Directed by Ali Scher, written by Ali Scher & Joe Swanson, and produced by Christian Hall, Errol Sadler, Ali Scher, Camilo Diaz, Aidan Guthrie,
Popular Theory is set to hit the U.S. theaters February 9th.

The cast includes Sophia Reid-Gantzert, Cheryl Hines, Marc Evan Jackson, Lincoln Lambert, and Chloe East, Melissa Ponzio, Eugenie Bondurant, Kat Conner Sterling, Mason Mecartea, Varak Baronian, and Sparrow Nicole.

The song playing in the Popular Theory movie trailer is “Living Proof” by Anders Kampe & Henrik Wikstrom, from the Addicted to Pop album, released 2016.

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