AT&T Fiber with All-Fi The Taylors in the Garage Commercial

AT&T Fiber with All-Fi The Taylors in the Garage Commercial

AT&T has unveiled a new advertisement for its AT&T Fiber with All-Fi, emphasizing its capability to stream movies, sports, or shows from any location within the house, even extending to the garage.

The commercial features two women engaged in conversation about their neighbors, the Taylors, and their Wi-Fi. While enjoying a cup of coffee, one woman informs her friend about the couple, saying that they’ve become “GIGillionaires” now and that their new Wi-Fi covers every corner of their home. She also hints at the idea that the two life partners are utilizing every single room in their house for some unspecified purpose. As her friend keeps a curious eye on the Taylors, who are in their garage, the woman continues, affirming that the Wi-Fi even extends to the garage.

With the garage door sliding down, the second woman acknowledges that she could use some of that “Big GIG Energy” in her own life. The commercial concludes with the voiceover introducing AT&T Fiber with All-Fi, stating, “Live like a GIGillionaire with more Wi-Fi square” and the tagline “Connecting Changes Everything” eventually appears on the screen.

In another ad, called “Full House,” AT&T promoted its fiber optic internet service with All-Fi, described as a “next-generation Wi-Fi experience.”

This advertisement showcased two siblings who are overwhelmed by their home being completely occupied by relatives due to their newfound GIGillionaire status. When their mother informs them that AT&T Fiber with All-Fi ensures Wi-Fi coverage even in the backyard, the kids excitedly grab their laptops and head outside.

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