Apple iPhone 15 Karate Kid Commercial Song – Feat. Boy Trying to Break Wood with His Hands

In a lighthearted new advertisement, Apple emphasizes the impressive battery longevity of its iPhone 15. The commercial, titled “One More,” showcases a humorous scenario where a father eagerly captures his son’s attempts to break pieces of wood with his hands on video. Despite the boy’s repeated unsuccessful efforts, the father persists in filming throughout the day, until late in the evening.

The onscreen conclusion of the ad states, “Looooong lasting battery for relentless moments. Relax, it’s iPhone 15 Plus.”

The soundtrack music is provided by the 2021 single “How Many Times” by JJ & The Mood.

This marks the second recent ad from Apple focusing on the exceptional battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus. In a clever December release, the tech giant presented an ad featuring a power outlet singing about longing for the iPhone 15 Plus.

In other recent ads, Apple highlighted the advanced camera capabilities of the iPhone 15 Plus, particularly its capacity to convert ordinary photos into portrait-style images even after they’ve been taken. Furthermore, in the brand’s festive Christmas commercial, the focus shifts to an animator using the iPhone 15. During her leisure time outside the workplace, she employs her iPhone 15 Pro Max and MacBook Air to create a holiday-themed stop-motion video, featuring a character bearing a resemblance to her less-than-cheerful boss. Apple consistently establishes groundbreaking benchmarks, not only in technology but also in imaginative and pioneering advertising.