Amazon Prime Woman With Lots of Plants in Her Apartment Commercial Song


Amazon Prime Woman With Lots of Plants in Her Apartment Commercial Actress

Amazon kicked off the new year with a pair of commercials highlighting the benefits of Amazon Prime – a membership offering fast, free delivery on millions of items, exclusive perks, and savings.

One of the advertisements unfolds the tale of a young woman embarking on solo living in a city apartment. Feeling overwhelmed by the urban environment, she draws inspiration from an episode of Amazon Prime’s series “Good Omens.” Motivated to transform her living space, she begins purchasing essential items through the Amazon app. Starting with a spray bottle, a myriad of plants of various kinds are subsequently delivered to her doorstep, gradually transforming her apartment into a lush, personal “jungle.” Upon completing her home makeover, she excitedly shares the results with her mother, who responds with enthusiasm and pride.

The soundtrack for this commercial is “Full Of Life” by the French singer Christine and the Queens, featured in her fourth studio album, “Paranoia, Angels, True Love,” released in 2023.

The second commercial from the e-commerce giant features a man leveraging his Prime membership to swiftly acquire robust coffee and an espresso machine, aiding him in navigating the challenges of fatherhood – particularly dealing with a baby who wakes up multiple times every night.

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